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I've had an alien race in my mind for quite a while now.
They live on a planet entirely made of nebulous gases and live their entire lifecycle based of the stars in the sky. Even their bodies are shaped just like them. As the creatures grow up, they change colors and grow sizes, just like stars do. The youngest would be white in color and the oldest, a dark shade of reddish-orange; they would have two choices in the life: as a interplanetary scholar, their growth cycle resembling stars that end in white dwarfs and traveling all over galaxies to gain further knowledge  or warriors, with their life styles resembling stars that end in supernovas and gain power and respect through protect their planet.
They travel around in long distances by hovering and flying in patterns unlike shooting stars, the creatures that live amongst them are clound configurations of animals resembling cats, dogs, elephants, and other Earth animals, but with fantastical elements.
The culture of this alien races is those similar to nomadic scholars and soldiers, traveling through space fighting and gaining knowlegde.

Hmm, that's alot for me to type, I;m not much of a writer ^^;
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