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Week 2 of posting :D - This time with a bit of mistletoe :D
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Happy Holidays everyone :D

Time to star things off here by using a little Rule 63!
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Yay one of my favorite days of celebratory purposes :D And this year I've drawn not one, but FOUR pictures.

And they involve crossdressing :D )
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wow, this journal's been silent for a while, but here's some art for the T'hy'la Big Bang fic T I M E by Suzy

Some art may be spoiler-y, don't click if it spoils the story for you )
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And now for post number to of my Advent contributions:
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I've been waiting all month for this day to come. I just love how everyone comes together to celebrate the best of the Kirk/Spock Ship and its fandom.

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So after a while, I think it's time to post some art

The needs of the many.... )

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For the 2012 K/S Valentine posting and part of a collab with [livejournal.com profile] awarrington
and her story, Silently Loving
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I actually find it cool on how many different renditions of Genderbent TOS characters there are, I just want to contribute.
Plus I think that Kirk and Spock would still love each other, regardless of gender.

P.S. I'm super proud of how I translated Nimoy!Spock's face to look more feminine (but it wasn't all that hard, since he's so pretty.)

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K/S Prime sweetness here )
This picture I came up with after watching Up; the begininng escpecially kinda reminded me of Kirk and Spock.

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Felt the mood to do a more polished color comic. Some Spirk with a  dash of Scotty/Uhura :D Comic this way! )
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Relayed from my tumblr post,
I 've made this comic after finding a most disturbingly hilarious GIF spodiddly.tumblr.com/post/6063923336/spocks-tongue 
From that my headcanon was that Vulcans have elongated tongues during sexual arousing activites.

(Yes the comic is there also, but I wanted to post it here as well)
Yeah, I know I'm weird... ))
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I've drawn these mostly as perspective practice from 1st person view while being in a Sporky mood :)
After a hiatus of sorts... )
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Yes I know it's a day early, but I kinda have a feeling that I won't be able to have time to post it tomorrow.

Boy the things that pop out of my head sometimes... )
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Yay, another K/S art post. No common theme this time, unless you count "Space Husbands Love" a theme.
Eyesex, nekkid, and poses, oh my! )

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